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New Arrivals

  • Adjust-A-Wing Original Avenger Reflector Large

    Adjust-A-Wing Original Avenger Reflector Large

    Features a superior high grade, glass coated aluminium shade which reflects 95% of all available light and will not dull or corrode under normal grow room conditions
  • Bio Nova Coco Nova A&B

    Bio Nova Coco Nova A&B

    A complete nutrient solution which has the same convenience of use as synthetic A/B-systems but the quality of the best organic fertilizers

    Starting at: €12.50

  • Bio Nova Hydro Supermix

    Bio Nova Hydro Supermix

    Nutrients for growing and flowering, and A/B are combined within one product, which makes feeding very easy

    Starting at: €16.50

  • Bio Nova Nutri Nova A&B

    Bio Nova Nutri Nova A&B

    Developed for use with growing mediums such as rockwool cubes, clay pebbles and NFT systems.

    Starting at: €11.70

  • Bio Nova Soil Supermix

    Bio Nova Soil Supermix

    A one component mineral-organic fertilizer based on Hydro SuperMix and especially adapted to soil

    Starting at: €16.50

  • On Balance NBS-2000 Notebook Scale

    NBS-2000 Notebook Scale

    Specifically been designed to take on the appearance of a regular notebook
  • Pot Tray Round Terracotta

    Pot Tray Round Terracotta

    Round Terracotta Pot Tray

    Starting at: €1.15

  • SB Plant Invigorator

    SB Plant Invigorator 250ml

    Eradicates pests such as Spider Mite, Aphids, Whitefly, Scale Insect and Mealy Bug. Also promotes healthy growth as it contains a mild foliar feed that improves leaf colour and vigour
  • Thirsty Light Butterfly

    Thirsty Light Butterfly

    You never have to guess when your plants need watering
  • Volvit Easy Rolls 2.0

    Volvit Easy Rolls 2.0 Pair

    The new "Click Generation" version 2.0 of the Easy-Rolls


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