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  • DimLux Xtreme EL UFL 600W (400V) Ballast LIGHTING KIT

    DimLux Xtreme EL UFL 600W (400V) Ballast LIGHTING KIT

    Kit Includes DimLux Extreme 600w / 400v Ballast, Philips GreenPower HPS Bulb & Just-A-Wing Reflector

    Regular Price: €415.00

    Special Price: €355.00

  • Flex Wing Reflector & Ballast Kit

    Flex Wing Reflector & Ballast

    A flexible reflector and dimmable digital ballast all in one !

    Regular Price: €270.00

    Special Price: €240.00

  • GO Bio Thrive Bloom

    GO Bio Thrive Bloom

    Organic Feed for all plants during the flowering and fruiting phase

    Starting at: €12.50

  • GO Bio Thrive Grow

    GO Bio Thrive Grow

    Organic Feed for all plants during the growth phase

    Starting at: €12.50

  • Garden Highpro Pronet 120 Modulable

    Pronet 120 Modulable

    Provides versatile plant support for guiding and supporting flowering plants

    Regular Price: €16.00

    Special Price: €10.00

  • Grodan Rockwool Cubes + Tray

    Rockwool Cubes + Tray

    Ideal for seed or cutting propagation

    Starting at: €6.50

  • Shooting Powder

    Shooting Powder 100g Sachets

    A unique high phosphate bloom enhancer that stimulates cell division and helps to harden and expand flowers

    Starting at: €16.00